Our twins are our inspiration. Our journey began soon after they were born as we realized how hard it can be to provide them with safe and genuine things and experiences.  We spent many long nights in our basement designing puzzles and working with factories to see them made real!Nene Imagination™ came to life from a sense of wanting to “evolve back to basics” and to contribute, no matter how modestly, to offering kids toys that are safe, stimulating to their minds and fun for their souls.  We are excited to share our puzzles with you and give your children an interesting way to make wonderful creations that they can proudly share with you.

In all that we do, safety is our utmost concern. We have our toys tested to U.S., EU, and Canadian safety standards and will never sell a toy that doesn’t meet all of their requirements. We are also currently making efforts to make our toys and packaging more ecological and environmentally friendly.  Just as with safety, we are determined  to offer a product that represents our values.

Thank you!

Ade & CJ

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