It’s Our Children’s Health & Future

Safety and the environment are our utmost concerns.  We have our toys tested not only to U.S. standards (as required by U.S. law), but also to EU and Canadian safety standards. We also test all of our packaging, right down to the adhesive labels that seal our boxes.  We wouldn’t want our kids playing with anything that doesn’t meet all three sets of standards, and believe it is honest to do the same for yours.

We are also striving to make our toys and packaging more ecological and environmentally friendly.  Just as with safety, we are determined  to invest in and offer a product that represents our values.

From this page you can access our General Conformity Certificates as required by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) as well as the original lab reports that they are based on.

Certificate of Conformity Penguin Puzzle

Certificate of Conformity Turtle Puzzle

Certificate of Conformity Tiles of Infinity

Lab Test Results – Toys

Lab Test Results – Labels

Lab Test Results – Packaging

silicone bag lab test results

Tracking Labels (production details)